Last call to see
a great show!

If you happen to be in Washington DC soon do not miss the Stanley William Hayter Show at the National Gallery of Art. It is open until August 23, 2009.
From the National Gallery website:

Stanley William Hayter (1901–1988) has been widely celebrated for his influence on creative printmaking in America and Europe. This exhibition of approximately 55 of Hayter's most important prints is drawn primarily from the Gallery's holdings and the collection of Ruth Cole Kainen (widow of artist Jacob Kainen). The range of Hayter's work in the exhibition includes his early black-and-white surrealist engravings, outstanding examples of his technical innovations, unique proofs and color variations, late linear abstractions inspired by motion and mathematics, and fully worked copperplates and plaster casts, which he deemed artistic creations in their own right. The exhibition will also include a select group of prints by some of the best-known artists to work at his print workshop, Atelier 17, including Max Ernst, Joan MirĂ³, and Jackson Pollock.