Painting Time Tips

• Time spent in the studio is not ever wasted. “Bad” painting days are a requirement for good painting days.

• You know the old adage, 10 pennies make a dime, 10 dimes make a dollar…never discount small change and never discount small segments of time. Use 15 minutes when they are available, don’t waste them because you need an hour to get warmed up. Extended time is always better, of course, but find a way to work in little bits of time, sometimes that’s all you get.

• Don’t wait for an idea to go to your studio or work area. Go whether you have something cooking or not. Put paint on a brush, and move it around. Fooling around is not time wasted, it is play and it is important.

• Do not allow interruptions. Do not answer the phone or check email during painting time; it is too easy to get sucked away from the work. Stay focused during even (ESPECIALLY) if things are not going well.

• When possible, quit painting when things are going very well, you’ll want to return as soon as possible.

• Incorporate something related to your painting into everyday; spend 20 minutes with your visual journal, google an artist or museum.

• Create a schedule (required for this class) and stick to it. You make a choice and if you want your work to evolve you must commit to spending as many hours as possible doing it.